Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What Wildlife is All About

Hi Greensters!!

My name is Jeffry and this is my first article!! 1st of all I'm gonna tell you a little bit about me. I live in Denpasar, Bali. I was born in Surabaya at the 7th December of 2000, and I am a grade 10 science student at Tunas Daud School. My hobbies include singing, drawing, gardening, cooking, and baking, my favorite subjects are English, Art, Biology, and Literature.

So, today I'm gonna talk about Wildlife. Now, what is Wildlife? Well, according to Google, Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all plants, fungi, and other organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems. Deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and even the most developed cities, and all ecosystems have distinct forms of Wildlife.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Sharing Love to Children with Cancer

Dear Greensters, 
What we brought for the children

It's me ... Kezia. 

On June,1st 2016, I went to Sanglah Hospital. I went to the Hospital with my mom, my mom’s friends and my friends from Green Team Indonesia. We visited children who have cancers in there. We gave many things to them, such as dolls, snacks, money, and some crafts. 

A Visit to Waste Bank (Part 2 - end)

Another waste bank
Dear Greensters,

It's Sharon again! This is the part 2 of my previous article.

I will be sharing some green tips for you guys and hopefully these tips I’m giving will be helpful for you guys later in the future. My first tip is to find a waste bank near your area, they aren’t very branched out yet but I’m quite sure you will find a small one near, don’t give up! Or you can create your own Waste Bank with a support from a big company in your city or your country. These waste banks here in Indonesia are mostly supported by Unilever company. Thank you to Unilever for such a great support for our environment. 

A Visit to "WASTE BANK" (Part 1)

Hey Greensters!

Garuda Wastu Lestari Waste Bank
It’s Sharon and I want to share my experience with you guys.

Recently, some Green Team members and I went to the Waste bank. Its name is "Garuda Wastu Lestari" which is located in Ahmad Yani street in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia. For your information, 'waste bank' (or Bank Sampah in Indonesian language) is a place that collects our wastes that have been sorted out. The waste bank then will distribute them to handycraft persons or plastic manufacturers or other manufacturers according to their products. The waste bank is managed by some environmental volunteers and is using a system like a banking system. You deposit and 'save' your own garbage instead of money to this waste bank and you will get a saving account. It's cool! You change your trash into a cash. 

Forest Clean Up

Protected forest of Mount Melingkuh
Hello Greensters! 

Patricia here!

I would like to fill you guys in on all the activities we have done in the past one year. Both individually and as a whole team. We apologize for not updating our blog for a while due to our busy activities in school and our environmental activities. So, here we are again! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Recyling Used Cooking Oil with Yayasan Lengis Hijau (part 2 - end)

Dear Greensters, 

Patricia here! :)

I am attaching a video about our visit to Yayasan Lengis Hijau, a place in Denpasar - Bali to recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel. In this video, Mr. Tri Hermawan said that you should not throw away the used cooking oil,but it is better you collect and give it to the biodiesel producer like what we did

Monday, 13 July 2015

Recycling Used Cooking Oil with Yayasan Lengis Hijau (part 1)

Hey Greensters! 
Mr. Tri received our 3 liters of used cooking oil

Patricia here :) So a few days ago, my sister Vanessa and I went to Yayasan Lengis Hijau to give our used cooking oil so that it could be recycled into biodiesel. We have shared with you the story of our visit to this foundation last year. If you want to learn more about our visit to Yayasan Lengis Hijau and the danger of used cooking oil, please read our past articles, such as (just click the following to go directly to the articles): A Day in Yayasan Lengis Hijau (part 1) , A Day in Yayasan Lengis Hijau (part 2) and A Day in Yayasan Lengis Hijau: the Interview (part 3 - end)