Monday, 18 July 2016

Forest Clean Up

Protected forest of Mount Melingkuh
Hello Greensters! 

Patricia here!

I would like to fill you guys in on all the activities we have done in the past one year. Both individually and as a whole team. We apologize for not updating our blog for a while due to our busy activities in school and our environmental activities. So, here we are again! 

On 10th October 2015, we went on our annual Camping and Hiking trip, along with a new campaign that we have started last year, Forest Clean-Up. Over 40 people joined in on last years camping trip, making it our biggest camping trip ever. As usual, it lasted for two days and one night. Through this camping trip, we learnt how to take care of our environment while having fun. We sang around the bonfire and laid down underneath the stars. We talked about life, it was pretty deep haha.

Camping isn't only fun. It also spreads awareness. It reminds us of how beautiful the world is. It is when we can be closer to mother nature. We completely lost track of time. As dawn came, we realized that we hadnt slept at all. We were too busy laughing and talking nonsense all night. We didn't even sleep inside the tent at all! We just somehow decided to sleep outside, underneath the shining stars.
Chloe and Shirley did Forest Clean Up in Mount Melingkuh

When the sun rose, we made hot chocolate and coffee for each other and prepared for our hike up the protected forest in Mount. Melingkuh located in Baturiti, Bali, Indonesia. It was tiring and the heat was unbearable especially considering we didn't sleep in over 30+ hours (bad decisions I know haha).

When we reached the forest and during our hike up to the forest, we collected the trash that was left behind by the previous visitors. The result was terrible. There were 5 big sacs full of trash that we have collected. It is our duty to keep the forest clean because if it is dirty, it would be prone to be bought by big companies that would take it down to use for the companys industries.

We have only started this Forest Clean Up and we are looking forward to our next forest clean up. Visitors often throw their trash in the forest grounds because there are no trash cans there and they feel inconvenient with holding on to their trash. So it is our duty to make a difference and change that. We must take care of our forests as it is the source to plenty of our resources and it is home to a diverse range of floras and faunas.

Picking up trashes while we hiked 
Tips for you who like to go camping and hiking:
  1. I bet most of you have known about this: "bring your own trash!". It means that if you don't find any trash bins or garbage cans around you, then just brin your own trash with you till you finally find a place to throw it away. 
  2. Minimize your trash. It means that you can use reusable things during your camping. Bring your own bottle that you can refill, for example. 
  3. Always respect Mother Nature by providing garbage bins around the camping area. 
  4. Don't leave your trash on the area when you leave.
  5. Do good for Mother Nature by arranging a Forest Clean Up. What you need to have are only gloves and some sacks to bring the trashes you will find when you hike or camp. 
I have also written about this activity in Tunza Eco-generation's website. If you want to learn more, you can click this link:

Remember: "Together, hand in hand, we can balance the world" and "Spread the word of kindness".

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