Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bar Soap Making at Badung Market (Video & Recipe)

Dear Greensters..!!!


Today we went to the market to teach the kids over how to make bar soaps. There were around 15 kids who attended the class today because some of them went back to their villages for some ceremonies.

The kids had their own interest in learning how to make the bar soap. The older ones was the ones who cut the not yet ready soap into smaller pieces. They were also the ones who mixed the Stearic Acid and the cut soaps. While the smaller kids were the ones who molded the soap into rose shape. By the way, we also uploaded part of the VIDEO when we were teaching at the market.

Friday, 30 August 2013


Denpasar Post (Wednesday, 28 August 2013) page 2
Hey Greensters!

We have some catching up to do!! As we posted earlier, this week TGTI went to the City Mayor's office: Mr. IB RAI D. MANTRA. There, we talked about the environment and we shared our ideas to the City Mayor. 


Dear Greensters,
City Mayor's office: The Green Team Indonesia with
City Mayor Mr. IB Rai D. Mantra

On Tuesday (27 August 2013), we visited the City Mayor of Denpasar – Bali. His name is Mr. IB Rai D. Mantra. We went to the Mayor’s office in Gajahmada Street Number 1, Denpasar at 11 am. There were 7 of us: Patricia, Vanessa, Ananda, Javier, Mika, Kirana and Shirley. We are sorry to other TGTI members who cannot join us because we cannot bring too many members this time. Mrs. Ayu Hartini (CSR & Green Practices Manager of Surfer Girl) accompanied us to meet the City Mayor because Patricia is the Surfer Girl’s Green Ambassador.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

How I Train My Turtle!

Mumu: He is big now!
Dear Greensters,

It’s me again VANESSA!

Today I nearly lost my turtle Mumu. Usually after I give my turtle food, I release it at my garden so that it can have fun by walking and breathing the fresh air. I know it’s a turtle but it is like a human and my turtle is going to be bored if I put it in its bucket for a whole day. I don’t have a pond so I just put it in a bucket.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vanessa Won the Competition held by Tunza-Ecogeneration & UNEP

Dear Greensters,

Hi, my friends around the world.
This is Vanessa.

First, HAPPY 68th INDEPENDENCE DAY to our beloved country INDONESIA. It's today.

I just want to say that I won a competition held by Tunza-Ecogeneration & UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). The theme was 'Discover the Nature Around You'. It was held in July 2013. What we had to do was to take a picture of us with a plant and write an essay about the plant. Other members of the Green Team Indonesia also joined the competition. They were Patricia Cornelia (my sister), Mika Artanto, Hillary Kristanto, Shirley Waskito, Sharon Waskito and me. :). They all wrote very good essays on some unique plants, like: mangroves, sugar-apple tree (Srikaya in Indonesian language), Plumeria flower, Jasmine flower, Orchid flower and many more. But, whoever the winner is, we are still glad that one of us can win something for the Green Team Indonesia. This is the winning for the whole team. Big thanks to Tunza-Ecogeneration & UNEP!

Our Visit to a Philosophical Handicraft Factory

The production area of PT. AGM factory
Hi, Greensters!

I'm MIKA. Together with Patricia, we are going to tell you about a handicraft industry that we visited on August 3rd, 2013. This factory is called 'PT. AGM', it is in Denpasar - Bali (Indonesia). The materials they use for production are simple things that is worthless to some people like shells, leaves, woods and other simple materials. The handicrafts they produce are home decor products, like mirrors, wooden sculptures, wooden jewelry boxes and many more. Every product has its own story and philosophy. So, that is why we call PT. AGM as a philosophical factory. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Great Discovery of KANGKONG

Dear Greensters,
A 'trumpet' shaped white flower of Kangkong. So cute!

It's PATRICIA. Nice to see you all here!

Well, it's been two months since I left my Kangkong without harvesting it. It has taken over almost my entire small patch of garden. It can grow longer and make some segments. Each segment grows another stem and leaf. In every new segment, grows another root. The more roots they have, the more water it can absorb.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Survey: What Our Weather Would be in the Next 30 Years

Dear Greensters,

SHIRLEY is here!

Because of its closeness to the equator line, Indonesia only experiences both rain and sun, no winter nor fall season. Its a tropical country. Usually, Indonesia has their rainy season from October to April and the sunny season during June to September. Now it's August and it's raining and it's kind of chilly. The exact opposite of what should be happening.

Survey: How We Treat Our Pets!

Dear Greensters around the world!

It's SHARON here. I am conducting a survey on 'How We Treat Our Pets'.

Pets are living things that can make us laugh or either happy. But sometimes it can make us work twice because they are sick or having some difficulties. Here is the survey of the sickness you should avoid and the ways to cure it.